Advantages of thermal imaging technology

High safety

Reduce the risk of cross infection caused by contact thermometry

Quick response

Real time temperature measurement, 7×24 hours monitoring

High measurement accuracy

Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.2 ℃, temperature compensation setting required

High Efficiency

Many persons temperatures can be measured simultaneously, personnel do not need to stay, temperature measurement efficiency is very high, can achieve more than 500 people per minute temperature measurement.

Very safe

Thermal imaging for long-range temperature measurement, temperature measurement up to 10 meters away, without the risk of infection from close contact

AI algorithm

Deep learning algorithm based on neural network, and the application of big data according to nearly 20 years of actual combat, can ensure accurate temperature measurement, not false positives

Fully automatic

Fully automatic detection of hot crowd, automatic alarm and photo retention, greatly reducing the workload of operators


Artificial intelligence’s face detection algorithm, which recognizes the face even when wearing a mask, without being disturbed by other hot objects

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