T165H Human Thermal Scanner

The Centurion T165H EBT (Elevated Body Temperature) screening thermal camera is a fast temperature tool. Gather thermal information from a safe distance in a few seconds. Intended for major checkpoint areas & crowd control areas. Ideal to help prevent the spread of any communicable diseases. Instantly spot any person with an elevated fever

-Express setup
-Non-contact temperature measurement, 1-2meters distance (3-6 feet)
-20 ms fast thermal imaging temperature measurement
-High and low-temperature automatic capture to SD Card
-Set High & Low temperature Alarm levels
-Large visual display
-± 0.5 ℃ temperature measurement accuracy
-Easily affixes to standard Tripod
-Compact and portable for mobile detection units.


Suitable for screening at major entrance or checkpoints in airports, factories, schools, shopping malls, office buildings, stadiums, convention centers, medical clinics and any other public places.

Easy to use by any operators to instantly read all people walking through any checkpoint.

The T165 series is perfect for: Greeters, Ticket takers, Pre-boarding, and any checkpoints.


The T165 comes in 3 Variations:

T165H – Standard handheld scanner

T165K – Advanced handheld scanner w/ HDMI output

i85H – Like the 165H and includes Alarm buzzer


Everything you need to set up a Quick Checkpoint

Quickly get any thermal readings

All kits include Tri-Pod for easy setup

Easily spot anyone that is above the ideal temperature

Setting up a checkpoint is really simple

Using the T165 series EBT scanners, simply have your employees / visitors / guests/customers form a line. If anyone is febrile the Alarm notification will appear.

Technical Specifications T165H

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