AI Facial Recognition

Scan 500 faces in under 1 minute

Big Data

Collect and Analyze data over time

Social Distancing

Control crowds in a wider channel (100 sq ft target zone)


Quickly screen people from a safe distance

Cloud Security

Connect to your central security center over the cloud

Temperature Accuracy

Accurate to 0.3C with results in a few milliseconds.

Safe Users

Employees, Passengers, Guests, Customers will feel safer in your facilities.

Cost Savings

Save lots of time and reduce employee sick days


Artificial intelligence’s face detection algorithm can recognize subjects even while wearing a mask.

Privacy Protection

The data is held on local servers and is not transmitted to any unauthorized 3rd parties.

Safe Monitoring

Subjects can be monitored within 10×10 SqM area – keeping safe distance from each other

Green Solution

Low Power, sustainable green solution


Rapidly scan large moving crowds to detect anyone that is febrile.

Large Crowd EBT Scanning

Infrared thermal scanning for EBT (Elevated Body Temperature) is non-invasive and uses no radiation. Centurion systems can quickly analyze moving crowds in seconds. On average over 500 people can be screened in under 1 minute. Using advanced AI and facial recognition abilities, the systems can read the subjects even while wearing a mask.

  • Pole-mount or Bracket installation options
  • Multi-point high temperature automatic alarm
  • Smart Face Recognition Detection
  • High level of accuracy within 0.3 degrees C

Suitable for any venues that support large moving crowds such as: Airport, train stations, Factories, Schools, Hospitals, Senior’s homes, concert halls, sports arenas etc.

Mobile Kiosk Unit

Hard Installation Unit


1. Installation location:

Installation location recommended at the airport entrances and exits, such as security checkpoints

2. Equipment layout location:

Equipment should be set up a minimum of 10m (30ft) from any major doorways to the outdoors.

3. Equipment head:

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4. Advanced Temperature Scanner:

The advanced temperature scanner should be placed in the field of view of the IR Camera

5. Direct view of Subjects:

Reasonable arrangement of the position, azimuth and pitch angle of the infrared camera head, to ensure that the entire face of the person to be tested.

6. Entering a premises:

Testing should only be performed 5 minutes or longer from the time a subject enters the building from outdoors.

Product manuals

IR236 IR Fever Warning System


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