Give your Front-Line Staff the extra margin of safety that social distancing demands

Add quick EBT (Elevated Body Temperature) screening to any checkpoint

Products catering to: Airports, Lounges, Convention Centers, Movie Theaters, Retail stores, Stadiums, Concert Halls, Casinos, Factories, Office Buildings, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Senior’s Residences, Clinics and more. All our solutions can be customized to any size venue.

Offer guests/passengers/employees the peace of mind that everyone passing the barrier is not febrile.

Our most popular series of device are the Handheld Thermal EBT Scanners. They can be installed on a tripod or permanently installed.

Now is the time to prepare for your Going-Forward plans, Post Covid-19.

Basic Principles of Infrared Thermal Imaging & Temperature measurement

Q: What is infrared radiation?
All objects in nature whose temperature is higher than absolute zero (-273.15 degrees C) can radiate infrared energy, and the physical nature of infrared radiation is thermal radiation, which is also an electromagnetic wave.

Q: What is an infrared camera?
The infrared camera converts the infrared thermal radiation into the corresponding electrical signal, which is then amplified and processed by video to form a video image that can be seen by the naked eye. In layman’s terms, invisible infrared radiation is turned into a visible thermal image, and it reflects the temperature distribution of the target surface.

Q: What are the benefits of an infrared camera thermometer?
Infrared thermal imaging thermometer can achieve a longer distance, non-contact situation multi-target simultaneous temperature detection, can reduce human contact, relatively safe and convenient, but its accuracy is affected by the external environment, so the application should maintain environmental stability.

Various options for different applications


Hand Held EBT Scanner

Cost-Effective, Portable or Hard installation, Easy to operate


Door Scanners

Various options available; All-in-One or add to any existing Metal Detector systems


Automated Smart Gate System

Give guests the ability to quickly check-in to a venue by incorporating social distancing for ticket takers.


Large Group Screening

Instantly measure large moving crowds of up to 500 people in 1 minute